Commercial Exercise Bikes

Written by Sierra Rein
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Commercial exercise bikes are incredibly popular fitness machines and are found in almost every large gym or fitness facility. They tend to be the most affordable of all types of exercise equipment and are very easy to use. Available in upright, recumbent and semi-recumbent models, children and adults can ride most commercial exercise bikes. Most high-end commercial bikes come fully loaded with a number of ergometric options, including heart rate monitor functions and other performance data that can be used to create the ultimate, personalized workout.

Choosing Between Commercial Exercise Bikes

The first (but less obvious) choice to make concerning commercial exercise bikes is how much available floor space you home or business has. If you wish to use your basement as a home gym and have a limited amount of room for it, find either a lightweight machine that can be rolled into a closet or unassuming corner, or one that does not have a wide frame stance. However, professional gyms and fitness camps with more room to spare should concentrate more on how long the machines will last after constant use by multiple riders.

Next, take a look at all the major functions of each bike and compare these to your personal fitness goals. If you can, visit a gym or retail store to "test drive" a few commercial exercise bikes and see if you physically prefer one to the other. If you are buying for a wide range of users--like gym or family members--choose the machine that is going to fulfill the most popular goals, such as weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, and resistance training. Once you find the right model number, you can always shop around in local sporting goods stores or online shopping sites for the best purchase price.

Of course, price is going to become a factor when the time comes to make the ultimate decision. A good idea is to balance the cost with any possible maintenance costs that may arise through the next three years. If the machine has a history of breaking down more often, especially when placed under heavy-duty wear and tear, it may be more economical to purchase a more expensive and durable commercial bike that will not cost as much to repair. Be sure to research the cost and availability of replacement parts; otherwise, the machine can sit for months at a time and function only as an odd piece of furniture.

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