Digital Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Digital heart rate monitors are the norm today because they are far easier to read and read quickly than analog fitness watches. During workouts, it is convenient to have instantaneous, legible numbers on a display so you don't have to hesitate or stop to decipher your performance results. When you are running or cycling, you need continuous feedback that is brightly-lit and displayed in large characters.

Some digital heart rate monitors have single lines, and some have three lines. The simpler the instrument, the fewer lines that are necessary; for complex units, three lines are necessary to give continuous feedback on several functions. Also consider backlighting or the famous Timex Indiglo if you will be running or cycling at sunrise, twilight, or in other darkened conditions.

Digital Heart Rate Monitors Are Convenient

Polar fitness watches are excellent digital monitors. They come in the A-series, the M-series, and the S-series. Check carefully for compatibility between transmitter (chest strap) and receiver (wrist watch). Basically, Polar has two types of transmitters, and the A-series, for example, takes the kind meant for this series and transmitters made before 1995.

Cardiosport digital heart rate monitors all have lightweight wrist monitors that show ECG-accurate heart rates on easy-to-read displays. Acumen heart monitors have an easily-changed battery that only needs a small Phillips screwdriver. All major brands make digital monitors, but some watches have faces that are larger than others. If you need several pieces of data, or you want the most legible watch face, look at the larger monitors.

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