Digital Stop Watches

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Digital stop watches have easy-to-read displays, and since they are used primarily for athletic events in which time is of the essence, this is a valuable characteristic. Sportline and other companies still make a mechanical stop watch, but more frequently, new features have been added to make the old-fashioned stop watch a modern instrument. The Sportline Sport Timer 220, for instance, is compact, watertight to 100 feet, and records one/two fast finishes.

Even the Freestyle Starter has a 30-lap memory, split function, is water resistant, and has a Night Vision display. Accusplit's Survivor II is loaded with features, including cumulative split, split release action, gives date and day of the week, and is water resistant to 30 feet. With a five-year warranty and a 1.5-year battery, you know this model is durable.

Digital Stop Watches Perform Many Functions

Digital stop watches are one of the most versatile fitness accessories. They are used for training athletes and race horses to track performance and improvement. Sophisticated chronographs are used in the Olympic Games and other competitive athletic events. On a more personal level, digital stop watches measure track and field events from elementary school on up.

With a model such as the Sportline Alpha Sport 410, many functions means versatility in one instrument for all kinds of events, meets, and competitions. This unit has an extra large display so readings are immediate regardless of lighting conditions. It is precise to 1/100 of a second, and watertight to 100 feet, so it is one of the more rugged fitness watches.

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