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Dumbbell Rack

Written by Jill Morrison
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A dumbbell rack will hold your set of dumbbells that you use in strength training exercises. Racks can be used in commercial gyms or in the convenience of your home. They are not necessary if you only have one or two pairs of dumbbells in your fitness room because most racks are designed to hold multiple pairs of dumbbells.

Dumbbell Rack Uses

There are many different types of dumbbell sets you can purchase for a dumbbell rack. Racks can hold chrome, cast iron, or rubber encased dumbbells or all different weights, colors, or designs. Racks are also available in different colors and materials so they can match the decor of your room and the dumbbells you have.

There are many different styles of racks available for purchasing. You can purchase a simple, straight across rack for easy storing in a smaller area. You can also purchase a vertical rack if you have a fair amount of ceiling space and the style will fit in your fitness room.

Most dumbbell rack companies use heavy duty materials for durability and strength to hold multiple weight levels. A powder coat finish in gray, white, or black can be used for coating the rack to prevent damage when dumbbells are added and removed. You can even purchase racks for holding heavy Olympic weight plates in a tree shaped design if you use free weight equipment as well.

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