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Written by Jill Morrison
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Dumbbells are individual weights that can be used for completing strength training exercises. They are generally placed with one dumbbell in each hand to perform exercises for strengthening both arms, though exercises can be done with one dumbbell at a time as well. You can purchase individual pairs or buy a dumbbell set with many different weight increments depending on your fitness goals.

Options in Dumbbells for Purchasing

Dumbbells can be purchased for your home or for fitness clubs. They are generally available in 5 pound increments so you can purchase weights that match your strength level. They are also are available in many different colors, designs, textures, and materials so you can purchase them to match the decor of any room.

Chrome dumbbells are the most attractive for a home display. You can also purchase them made from cast iron in black, gray, or other colors. Rubber encasing is helpful as well because it will minimize noise and the potential for floor damage if a dumbbell is dropped.

Dumbbell sets have been used in gyms for years and are growing in popularity for homes. They allow you to own various levels of weights from 3-25 pound or 3-50 pound increments. You can also purchase a dumbbell rack for storing your set beautifully and efficiently.

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