Exercise Heart Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Exercise heart monitors perform a valuable service for today's exercisers and athletes, for these instruments give accurate details about heart rate, time spent in your personal heart zone, and other important information about your body's responses to the stress of exercising. Monitors enable exercisers to use this information to exercise smarter and better. Exact measurements tell us the obvious, namely, that our heart beats faster as we intensify our workout.

Measurements of heart rate during exercise are also an accurate method of appraising performance. Someone who has been sedentary and is overweight will have a heart rate that immediately increases, perhaps dramatically, at the slightest exertion. An athlete, however, will need to push to a greater level of intensity in order to improve fitness.

Exercise Heart Monitors Measure Performance

How am I doing? The answer to this is subjective, and few exercisers can give an accurate answer because our individual performance varies over time. Exercise heart monitors are objective; they give mathematical measurements that tell you exactly how you are doing. If your heart rate exceeds your maximum rate, it shows on fitness watches, which then sound an alarm that alerts you to this fact.

As you get fit, you will see your heart rate lower when you do the same exercises at the same intensity. Your exercise heart monitors tell you that you are increasing your fitness, and it may be time to challenge yourself more. Heart rate monitors help you to regulate the frequency and intensity of your workout so you get the most benefit.

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