Fitness Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fitness equipment has improved dramatically in the last few years, and it seems that every year brings new technology, new materials, and new concepts to the fitness industry. Innovative companies have been started in the last couple of decades by athletically-inclined people who couldn't find what they needed in exercise equipment, so they developed their own products. When you consider that the wonderful benefits of exercise have been well-publicized in this same time period, it's no wonder there is a dazzling array of products to choose from today.

Fitness equipment has become lighter, smaller--and more complex. This is not a contradiction, largely because the electronics industry has also boomed in recent years. Technology has enabled many fields to revolutionize the products that are available to consumers, whether they want home appliances, home theater entertainment centers, or fitness accessories.

An Abundance of Fitness Equipment

Whereas a few years ago, fitness buffs were hard put to find exactly what they wanted, today it is difficult to choose from among the many outstanding pedometers, heart rate monitors, and stopwatches that are manufactured by companies dedicated to excellence, advanced technology, and consumer-oriented products. Polar, Timex, Freestyle, Acumen, Cardiosport, Oregon Scientific, Accusplit, Sportline--these names represent companies committed to making good products and to educating the public about the advantages of exercise.

It is still possible, of course, to purchase a pedometer that just counts steps, but since pedometers are so inexpensive, why not get one that does other valuable things, like telling you how far you've walked, or how fast you've run? You can get a stopwatch that starts and stops with a push of the button, but for a low price you can get one that looks good (in cherry, lemon, or lime) and has useful split functions. There are so many good companies and good products, the easiest way to find them all is on websites of companies that have this great fitness equipment available to the public.

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