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Free Weights

Written by Jill Morrison
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Free weights can help you to transform your body so you will be bigger, faster, and stronger. They are most often used by those who like to push themselves to the limit. They can provide the same results as a strength training machine, but you will not have to spend as much money on barbells or dumbbells.

Options in Free Weights

Almost anyone can use free weights. There are no range of motion inhibitors and there are countless types of exercises you can perform. They allow you to make every workout different, where machines can be monotonous and not as demanding on your muscles. Once you become accustomed to this strength training method, you can feel comfortable walking into any gym and using the equipment.

You may prefer to workout in the privacy of your home instead of at a fitness club. You can purchase weight equipment for your home, if this is the case. You will end up saving time and money that you would spend on a gym membership if you weight train at home. Dumbbells and barbells can be ordered easily online and will be sent directly to your home.

There are many options in accessories for free weights. You can choose from a variety of racks for storing weights and weight bars. You can also purchase accessories to protect your body during strength training such as gloves, ab straps, knee wraps, belts, ankle straps and padded lifting straps. Other equipment that can enhance your experience in weight training include rubber coated add-on weights, equipment mats, a bar pad, or Olympic weight adaptor.

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