Freestyle Pedometers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Freestyle pedometers are made by a company that prides itself on excellence. The durability of its products--sport watches, heart monitors, pedometers--comes from the origins of the company itself. Freestyle was established in 1981 by surfers who needed tough watches to withstand the rigors of surfing and the beach environment. They came up with The Shark, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The company makes a series of pedometers, ranging from the very simple to the complex. The Stepper, for example, calculates the number of steps you've taken, which is great if you are a part of the 10,000 Steps a Day Program. The Micro adds distance and calories measurements. The Pacer Pro and Tracer models have all these features, plus a clock and speed calculator.

Freestyle Pedometers Are Rugged

Freestyle pedometers are built to the same stringent specifications as other Freestyle products meant for outdoor use. The Personal Couch measures steps, distance, calories, speed, and has a clock and memory functions. The Transport has all theses features except the speed measuring, and adds a stopwatch.

The most advanced of the Freestyle pedometers is the Ergo Touch, which incorporates all these features, and also has a pulse counter and a running calculator. If you need a pedometer for your fitness program, compare Freestyle products with others to get the features you want. If you are a beginner, many of the more sophisticated functions may be confusing , so look at a pedometer like the Stepper.

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