Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Digital sport watches, like any digital equipment, are valued partly for their electronics and partly for their easy-to-read displays. During reps or a steady jog, you don't want to distract yourself from the routine by having to look at a small watch face and interpret analog time. Digital sport watches have large displays so you can be instantly aware of your physical performance in order to track responses and improvement.

If worn by runners, sport watches often are heart rate monitors that are receiving and displaying essential details about their bodies as they run. Some simple monitors for beginners have a one-line display, some have up to three lines for more kinds of data. Many are ECG-accurate, so you know you are getting precise readings.

Informative Digital Sport Watches

Heart rate monitors are a central instrument in exercise today. Since the "intensity level" concept became part of the fundamentals of training in the 1980s, monitors that give continuous feedback have been one of the most popular digital sport watches. If you are in the market for these monitors, be sure they give "continuous," rather than "instantaneous," readings.

Stopwatches have been modernized also. Accusplit's attractive colors (black, smoke, aqua, cherry, lemon, lime) make their watches standouts, along with the multiple features. These instruments have the latest technological functions, such as split functions and a no-fail switch. Accusplit backs their stopwatches with a five-year warranty.

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