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Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Jill Morrison
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Heart rate monitors are worn on your body and measure your heart rate while exercising. They are very helpful for tracking progress and controlling your level of exercise. Monitors are often used in cardiovascular training and for medical rehabilitation as well.

Options of Heart Rate Monitors

There are many different types of heart rate monitors that you can choose from. Reebok makes two great models with the titles, Personal Trainer and Studio Trainer. The Personal Trainer has a single button design that is easy to use and a scan design display that can show your average, highest and lowest heart rate during an exercise session. The Studio Trainer has an additional target zone feature that will alert you when you have reached your target heart rate.

Cardiosport makes many different models of heart rate monitors including the Limit Classic, Go, Sport Autozone, Graph X, Premier, Profile, Heartsafe Sport, and the Xtreme. All of these monitors have various features and have various prices as well.

The Cardiosport Go is the low end model of Cardiosport products. It features a heart rate training control, workout session timer, feedback control, duration of last workout indicator and maximum, minimum, and average heart rate displays. The Cardiosport Xtreme is a high end model and it has many extra features including a glow screen light, calendar, alarm, scan control, dot matrix display, graphical display, quick start, and lots of memory space.

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