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Hip Leg Sled

Written by Jill Morrison
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A hip leg sled is a type of machine that will help you to primarily strengthen your lower body muscles. You can perform hack squats, leg presses, lunges, and more with this machine. Most designs now have a stable base design with side rollers for a smooth and quiet ride during exercise intervals.

A hip leg sled machine can be seen in many different fitness clubs. If you would like to save time and energy that you would spend on a gym membership, you can purchase one of these machines for use in your home. They can be ordered easily online and sent directly to your home for ultimate convenience.

Types of Hip Leg Sled Machines

The Giant Hip Leg Sled has a more stable base, with its dual heavy triangular frame, than most other models of machines. The purpose of this frame design is to prevent twisting which can occur in other models. It has longer weight posts and specially designed Urethane rollers with sealed bearings for an ultra-smooth motion during exercise. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts.

The Giant Leg Press is another option of an exercise machine for your home. The plate on this machine is loaded underneath to maximize space. You will never need to worry about changing the pads because this machine comes with 2 1/2" commercial pads. It has a new safety spotter arm system and he capacity to hold 1,800 pounds. This machine also has a lifetime warranty included with purchase.

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