Home Fitness Machines

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Rowing machines, stair climbers, cross-country skiers, and abdominal benches are examples of popular home fitness machines, all of which build various muscle groups and accomplish different fitness goals. Rowing machines, for example, provide near full-body workouts. The rowing motion strengthens muscles in people's backs and arms. In addition, most rowing machines require people to push off with their legs.

Various Home Fitness Machines

Stair climbers predominantly exercise the leg muscles. Everyone knows how tiring it can be to climb multiple staircases. In fact, many fitness gurus suggest that people always take stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Stair-climbing home fitness machines enable people to reap the health benefits of climbing stairs without putting any strain on their knees. When used in conjunction with healthy diets, this equipment helps develop lean legs and strong hearts.

Cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest training activities. It exercises nearly every muscle in the body. Fortunately, people don't need snow or miles of uninhabited land to partake in this activity. Home fitness machines can replicate the motions of cross-country skiing, enabling people to work their legs, arms, and hearts while watching television or listening to their favorite music. Best of all, people can do all this while enjoying above-freezing temperatures.

Everyone wants six-pack abdominal muscles. Most people, myself included, hate sit-ups. Unfortunately, people who want firm stomachs have few alternatives. Abdominal benches allow people to perform various stomach exercises, eliminating the monotony of doing sit-ups every day and reducing the chance of stress injuries, which can arise from repeating a single exercise again and again. In addition, the best exercise equipment will pad the back, making the exercise more comfortable.

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