Home Treadmills

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The best home treadmills feature various workout options to accommodate people of all ages, shapes, and levels of fitness. Treadmills are ideal for walking, jogging, or even sprinting, because users can adjust the speed settings. People can also adjust the incline settings. By increasing the incline, users have the added challenge of trekking uphill.

Getting the Most out of Home Treadmills

Before using home treadmills, people should set goals for themselves. Most machines require users to enter information, such as their weights, how far they want to travel, and their desired running speeds. To improve fitness, people need to set goals for themselves. Distance, time, and speed all make excellent goals. Someone who can run three miles at a steady pace of five miles per hour may want to condition himself so that he can eventually run four miles at six miles per hour.

Goals like these help people stay motivated and fend off boredom. People enjoy striving for things. The elite treadmills make it easy for people to track their progress, because they come with monitors that show how much work users have done during their workouts, and thus allow the users to stay motivated.

While working out, people can adjust the settings on their home treadmills. Some people like to sprint through finish lines. Other people sometimes need to slow down. People who do not feel challenged during the first halves of their workouts can make the remainders of their workouts uphill. The best treadmills can become very steep.

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