Home Treadmills

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Home treadmills have come a long way from the days when they were clunky, unattractive and awkward-to-use pieces of fitness equipment. Today's treadmills are not only good-looking, but they are also packed with features designed to give the user a better, more efficient workout. Treadmills are popular for home use for many reasons, but particularly because they require no special skill or coordination and they allow a good indoor cardio workout.

A Long-Term Investment

It is not unusual to find a treadmill that has been in a home for many years and is still being used regularly. Running and walking are still two of the most popular forms of exercise; however, they are often dependent on the weather and the amount of outdoor light. With a treadmill, there are no restrictions on when the workout can be done.

Another advantage to a home treadmill is the freedom it gives the user. One can watch children, use exercise tapes and listen to music without having to also concentrate on the dangers involved with being on the road. Many treadmills offer features that make the workout more productive and comfortable. Cushioned decks relieve stress on the joints and consoles now provide odometers that keep track of miles.

The cost of a home treadmill will vary depending on the features and how well it is built. There are several models offered by the major manufacturers, and it is generally advisable to check out the capabilities of each one before making a choice. Ease of use and comfort are major factors when testing out a treadmill. The right treadmill will offer a level of incline and resistance that matches the user's desired workout intensity.

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