Jogging Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jogging equipment--shoes and clothes aside--centers around heart rate monitors that provide detailed and critical information about body performance to the jogger. Exercise affects every organ of the body for the better, if done with regard to good form and personal limits. The personal limits include maximum heart rate and intensity level, which are registered on heart rate monitors whose readings show up on a display.

Exercising at the right intensity level for you is the way to reach your fitness goals. If your pace is too slow, you won't get or stay fit; if it is too fast, you run the risk of injury to your body or your health. It is also important to determine your fitness goal, so you can set up an exercise program that will enable you to reach that goal.

Jogging Equipment and Heart Rate Monitors

Perhaps you want to lose weight, or improve your overall performance, or increase stamina and endurance. Fitness accessories can help you to remain in your proper zone while you work out. Each intensity level, or heart rate zone, will lead to certain benefits. If you are a beginner, or want to start losing weight, or getting more fit, exercising in the fat burning zone at 50-59 percent of your maximum heart rate will be effective, and jogging equipment lets you know when you are not in that zone.

Exercising in the aerobic zone of 60-69 percent of your maximum heart rate will increase your aerobic capacity and contribute to better athletic performance. Professional athletes may need to push even more by working out at 80-89 percent of their maximum heart rate to build tolerance of lactic acid. Jogging equipment can help you to stay in the right zone so you can exercise safely to reach your goals.

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