Magnetic Bike Trainer

Written by Sierra Rein
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Walk into any professional gym or fitness club, and you will see magnetic bike trainers utilized everywhere. They are usually found in the main cardio fitness equipment area along with the step, elliptical and treadmill machines. They can also be found in spinning classes, where members test themselves through intense physical endurance training sessions.

These trainers are built to provide low-impact workouts with a minimum of noise and zero friction coefficients. A set of magnets, chosen with an opposite force to the magnetized flywheel, is placed on either side of the wheel by adjustable rods. These rods are controlled by a knob or lever within the machine; if the magnets are placed close to the flywheel, it slows down and forces the rider to pedal faster.

Many modern upright and recumbent bikes utilize this magnetic resistance system to add challenges to a rider's routine. Due to their quiet operation, many can be placed in one area, like a spinning classroom, without the danger of too much cumulative volume. However, they must be plugged into electric outlets to function and are usually a lot more expensive than those with air and regular flywheel resistance brakes.

A Checklist Regarding the Purchase of a Magnetic Bike Trainer

Before buying a magnetic trainer for your home or office gym, take the time to consider the following elements. First of all, does it really provide quiet operation and does it operate smoothly through all the levels of resistance? Ask yourself if it feels stable under your weight, if it is adjustable to your specific measurements, if the seat and position is comfortable, and if the controls are within easy reach. Finally, figure out if it has some great training features (such as a built-in heart rate monitor or programmable exercise functions) to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

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