Magnetic Recumbent Bikes

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most comfortable and quiet fitness machines for exercise enthusiasts to use are magnetic recumbent bikes. These stationary bicycles offer a wide range of adjustable comfort levels as well as the ability to increase or decrease resistance to meet specific training demands. Magnetic recumbent bikes are employed in gyms and professional fitness classes around the world, and can be purchased for home or light commercial use as well.

Magnetic bikes are designed with a set of opposing magnets placed on either side of the cycle's flywheel. A knob or lever within the rider's reach can slowly bring these magnets towards the flywheel, creating more resistance, or bring them away from it, reducing resistance. Because the magnets never come into contact with the wheel itself, the ride is smooth and extremely quiet.

The fact that these bikes are also recumbent increases their attractive, comfortable quality. Recumbent bikes feature angled seats that are placed well behind the horizontal level of the pedals. Instead of hunching over the handlebars, the rider sits very much as if he was in the seat of the car and places his hands in front of him to grasp the handlebars. This sitting position reduces pressure on the spine and upper back muscles and makes the experience a lot more relaxing.

Computerized Magnetic Recumbent Bikes

Some of the most popular designs of recumbent resistance bikes are those that are digitally controlled by an onboard computer. The user can push a few buttons and allow the magnets to be moved according to one of several pre-set fitness programs (typically named things like "hill" or "interval weight loss"). The rider can simply sit back and read a magazine or watch television without worrying about increasing or decreasing the level of resistance. These programs, combined with integrated heart rate monitor handlebar grips, can also help an individual stay within his or her personal performance target zone parameters.

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