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Monarch Exercise Bike

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Monarch exercise bike is a popular type of stationary bike used for exercising. Stationary bikes allow you to use a bicycle without going outside, or moving from your location. They are often used in commercial settings, but can also be purchased for exercising in your home.

Monarch Exercise Bike Qualities

There are a few different Monarch exercise bike models to choose from. The most popular types are the Energy Cycle 736, and the Monarch 827E. The Energy Cycle is most often used in fitness clubs, especially for cycling classes and the 827E is used in fitness clubs and often in residences as well.

The Energy Cycle 736 is Swedish made and has all the features of any Monarch exercise bike model. In addition, this model has a special braking system that allows for smooth transitions in resistance alteration. For the safety of the user, the Energy Cycle can also be stopped immediately when necessary.

The Monarch 827E is the updated model of the 817E and has many great new features. The 827E has a more sleek design, a stronger frame, a better heart rate monitor, and a housed flywheel. Its electronic meter shows RPMs, heart rate, cycling time, cycling speed, and distance so you can track your workout progress and intensity.

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