Nordictrack Ellipticals

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Ellipticals are pieces of fitness equipment that offer the climbing action of a stepper and the smooth running movement of a treadmill. They are replacing traditional steppers in many gyms, largely because they combine these two exercises for a more effective workout. They also cause less stress on the legs because they encourage a smooth, fluid movement that helps absorb impact.

The Benefits of the Elliptical

The elliptical movement is very similar to that of cross country skiing. The arms push handlebars back and forth while the legs push down on pedals that move in an oval pattern. In this way, the machine provides resistance to both the upper and lower body while giving a cardio workout. The heart is working harder to provide oxygenated blood to muscles so that they can meet this resistance.

The oval-shaped motion of the pedals relieves the joints of much of the stress that they usually encounter when running or climbing. Also, because an elliptical provides weight-bearing exercise, it helps strengthen the bones against osteoporosis and other bone diseases. With regard to weight loss, the elliptical burns about as many calories as a treadmill while adding the benefit of resistance to the workout routine.

For those who exercise in order to sculpt the body, the elliptical is a wise choice. It works the glutes and hamstrings more efficiently than regular treadmills for faster muscle development. Its aerobic benefits are well-known. Features such as adjustable resistance and incline give a more intense workout for those who have progressed to that point. Overall, the elliptical is an easy-to-use piece of fitness equipment that provides many benefits.

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