Nordictrack Exercise Bikes

Written by Beth Hrusch
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NordicTrack makes two basic kinds of exercise bikes. They both give a lower body workout with adjustable resistance, similar to that of a bike with several gears. The styles are largely a matter of personal preference and the kind of cycling exercise desired. Recumbent bikes offer back support while the traditional cycle puts the user in the familiar bike riding position.

Indoor Cycling Has Many Advantages

Bicycle riding is one of the most popular forms of exercise. When done outdoors, it has the added benefit of adding interest to a workout routine. Biking can be as much a form of exploration as a kind of exercise. For many people, however, the time that they can spend on outdoor exercise is limited, and the dangers of the road require that they find a safer way to get the cycling experience.

NordicTrack exercise bikes combine many advanced features with a good old-fashioned cycling workout to enhance the exercise experience. The recumbent bikes are ridden in a reclined position, so the back is supported and there is virtually no stress on the legs and ankles. The SL705 stationary bike has the user sitting upright and comes with handle bars for stability. Both kinds of bikes have adjustable resistance that makes them functional for all fitness levels.

The recumbent bikes offered by NordicTrack have some advanced features that make them popular with exercisers of all ages. A low seat makes it easy to get on and off, and a fan keeps the user cool and comfortable. Interactive technology adds the benefit of music and motivational words of encouragement. The consoles display heart rate, distance and calories burned. The stationary bike offers automatic adjustments to the resistance when changes in heart rate occur.

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