Nordictrack Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Nordictrack recumbent exercise bikes are designed to maximize comfort and the impact of the workouts. Rigorous exercise should challenge people, but people should only feel pain in the muscles being trained. It's easy to tell the difference between constructive pain and harmful pain. The sensation of a sore, burning fatigue signifies that muscles are working and getting stronger. Aching bones and throbbing pains, especially in the joints, are negative and avoidable side effects.

Advantages of Nordictrack Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Riding a bike, while being great exercise, can be a real pain in the butt, literally. Many bicycles have extremely thin seats. Narrow seats concentrate all the pressure on one small area of the behind. After long bike rides, most people prefer standing to sitting. Nordictrack recumbent exercise bikes have wide seats, because people don't need sore posteriors to get in shape.

Moreover, sitting in the recumbent position is much more ergonomic for people's backs and knees. On traditional bicycles, people must hunch over in order to reach the handlebars. Even children know that poor posture is bad for people's backs. The recumbent seating position on many exercise bikes allow people a productive workout without sacrificing the health of their backs.

Nordictrack recumbent exercise bikes provide people with challenging workouts, if that's what they want. If they so choose, people can opt for easy rides that offer little resistance. However by turning up the resistance, bikers get rigorous leg workouts. People can choose to ride their stationary bikes through mock mountain ranges, smooth valleys, or unpredictable ups and downs. When bikers dismount after the more rigorous types of rides, they can feel the burn of progress in their legs.

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