Nordictrack Skiers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A skier is a piece of fitness equipment used for upper and lower body conditioning. Unlike many fitness aids, it does both at the same time, maximizing the efficiency of the workout and avoiding overworking certain muscle groups over others. In this way, the skier gives a total body workout using simple, low-impact movements that work the muscles and the heart to burn calories and increase the delivery of oxygen to the cells.

The Skier's Advantage

It is well-known that cross-country skiers are some of the most fit people on the planet. It is no coincidence that they also happen to engage in one of the most physically demanding activities that can be asked of the human body. Working the arms and legs rhythmically over long distances requires excellent stamina and a well-conditioned heart that is able to supply oxygen to the muscles to prevent fatigue.

The only way to achieve this kind of total body conditioning is to train the body to endure long periods of exertion. Using cross-country skiing movements on a skier provides a good simulation of these movements when training must be done indoors or there is no snow around. Most skiers will allow the user to adjust the incline by raising the front of the machine, which increases the range of motion for the leg muscles. This burns even more calories than flat-surface motions.

NordicTrack makes a cross-country trainer that uses weighted cables to provide resistance for the arms as they pull and retract. A display monitors speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate. Using a skier can be a challenge for the beginner, but once the motions are mastered, this piece of fitness equipment will become one of the most helpful items in the workout space. It trains the muscles for endurance while working the heart for a true cardio workout.

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