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Olympic Weight Benches

Written by Jill Morrison
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Olympic weight benches allow you to perform a variety of strength training exercises, including flat/decline/incline bench presses, shoulder presses, shrugs, bicep curls, squats, leg extensions and leg curls. Most weight benches are adjustable to suit different heights, builds, and strength levels. Some benches even have a combination design so you can perform even more types of exercises.

Types of Olympic Weight Benches

There are many different types of Olympic weight benches that you can choose from. Giant, Body Solid, and BodyCraft make excellent models of weight benches. You can purchase one easily online and have the bench sent to your home or business.

The Giant Olympic Weight Bench has a heavy gauge steel frame and a rugged back pad. It adjusts easily from flat to incline and is protected by a chip resistant, glossy enamel finish. The Giant Heavy Duty Weight bench has all of these features and more. It has six adjustable spotting arms and allows for twelve different user positions for comfort and efficiency.

Body Solid makes great Olympic weight benches such as the Powerline Powermaster bench. It is a combo bench that delivers a total body workout when using free weights. BodyCraft makes an excellent combination bench as well. It has adjustable safety spotters, easy spring pin adjustments, a rugged steel frame, and a comfortable and durable seat. This machine also has a lifetime warranty.

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