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Olympic Weight Set

Written by Jill Morrison
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An Olympic weight set is a set of different sized weights for your Olympic weight machine. There are many different types of weights you can choose from for your set. Some machines or weight bars come with weights already, but they may be limited in weight increments and may not have the design or material you want to work with. You can purchase a weight set to maximize your workout and to give you ease in adding and removing weights on your machine.

Olympic Weight Set Options

Olympic weight sets are available in many sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. You can purchase weights that have grip holes so that you can pick them up easily. Some weight sets also have weights with an interlocking grip system.

Standard Olympic weight sets can be purchased easily from stores, catalogs, or online for added convenience. You can also purchase standard iron weights in a wide-flanged style. These weights are great for any machine, but they are very tough and can damage floors or equipment if dropped. The positive aspect of standard weights is that they are lowest in price and are still very effective in strength training.

You can purchase weights that are rubber encased for your weight set. Rubber encased weights are available in a standard or grip design as well. They are desirable because they are comfortable to pick up and will not damage floors or equipment if dropped as standard weights would. Rubber weights also make much less noise when they are placed on machines and when exercises are performed.

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