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Olympic Weights

Written by Jill Morrison
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Olympic weights can be used to add weight or resistance to your Olympic weight machine. You can purchase a set of weights in various weight increments that will work with your build and strength level. You can also choose from various designs, sizes, colors, shapes, and materials for your weight set.

When you purchase a set of Olympic weights, you will heave the freedom to perform a variety of strength training exercises at different weight levels. As you become stronger, you can increase the amount of weight by using heavier weight in your set. Without a set, you are not as likely to grow in strength continuously and over long periods of time because you will not have the option of increasing your weight in exercises.

Types of Olympic Weights

Standard Olympic weights are tough, reliable, and affordable. You can purchase them in sets of 300, 400, or 500 pounds. Some are available in a wide flanged design and most are printed with weight amounts. The only drawback to standard weights is that they can be noisy and can damage floors if dropped.

Rubber encased weights are very desirable because they eliminate noises and the possibility of damaging floors or equipment if the weights are dropped. They are also very comfortable and easy to handle when switching weight plates. Rubber encased weights are available in a standard design or with grip handles or grip holes for easy handling.

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