Pilates Equipment

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pilates exercise is unique in that it promotes body awareness as a first step toward achieving an aesthetic goal. Unlike conventional workouts, a pilates program incorporates exercises designed not to bulk you up, but to improve posture and create a sleek, toned and strong body. Seeing the mind-body relationship as an integral part of well-being leads to improved body image and better agility.

Pilates Fitness Aids

One goal of pilates is to lengthen the muscles and improve their elasticity. This makes them less prone to injury and tones them without making them bulky. Developing core control through pilates improves balance and coordination, and more efficient movement of muscles will enhance athletic performance. To this end, there are many valuable pieces of equipment that can be used during the pilates workout.

Of course, instructional videos are a must for anyone who is unfamiliar with proper pilates techniques. Other aids are balls which are used for balance, and bands for resistance. Pilates studios will use reformers, spine correctors and stability chairs to help people train correctly. For at-home workouts, however, all that most people will ever need are a stability ball, bands and a mat. Much of the pilates training involves no equipment at all, but rather a series of yoga-like moves that utilize minimal resistance.

Pilates equipment can help the exerciser get the most out of his or her workout. As with any kind of exercise, the proper fitness aids can mean the difference between an efficient, effective workout and one that takes much longer to get results. Pilates is a way of re-training muscles to move properly and improve overall well-being. Equipment designed just for the pilates routine will help achieve this goal quickly.

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