Polar Products

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Polar products consist of the number one heart rate monitors from a company dedicated equally to making the best monitors and to educating the public about the benefits of exercise. The company's aim is to continue to develop innovative products and to dispense accurate information about levels of fitness and the use of its monitors in each level. Polar heart rate monitors are geared toward the exercise goals of individual consumers.

Are you interested in fitness, weight management, walking, running, cycling, triathlon training, or do you need cardiac rehab? Polar products are specifically designed to assist you with each of these areas. The monitors have features and functions that are useful to runners, for example, or someone who wants to lose weight.

Effective Polar Products

In 1977, Polar developed the first EKG-accurate, wireless heart rate monitor. The purpose was to help the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team train at their best intensity level. In the 1980s, this concept of intensity training engulfed the sports/athletic world, and within a few years, many exercisers besides the professionals were regularly using heart rate monitors to guide their workouts.

Since that time, Polar products have continued to bring superior reliability and quality to the fitness area. By creating a variety of monitor models, the company has enabled people in all fitness levels to participate safely by getting accurate feedback from monitors. Today, their monitors are readily available to all serious exercisers, and Polar is one of the global leaders in innovative fitness accessories.

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