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Power Racks

Written by Jill Morrison
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Power Racks are used when working with free weights. They are built for people who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit. Most of the racks on the market have a rugged construction and can be easily adjusted to make your workouts and strength exercises more quick and enjoyable.

Options in Power Racks

A high quality power rack and a barbell set can go a long way in strength training. Free weight training should only be performed in safe conditions where the user has knowledge of proper form and uses a spotter when needed. Some power racks have options that allow you to perform exercises in your home safely, without a spotter.

Body Solid Powerline racks are used frequently in fitness clubs. This rack has a walk-in design and a heavy gauge steel construction for safety. The BodyCraft rack has a rugged steel tubing frame, easy spring adjustments on bar catches and safety spotters, and a chin-up bar. There are many options in attachments for this rack including a 200 pound weight stack option, lat/low row, dip handles, and a flat/incline/decline bench. BodyCraft products are also covered under a lifetime warranty.

A Giant Power Rack allows for 26" of unrestricted motion. It has 22 height settings and heavy duty steel spotter arms. This is one of the best power racks for presses, chin-ups, squats, shrugs and leg exercises. The Giant Rack and Giant Rack System are additional options and have similar features as the Giant Power Rack.

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