Poweride Bikes

Written by Sierra Rein
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Made by the EB Fitness Company, Powerride cycling machines are some of the highest-quality spinning bikes available on the market. Made of commercial-grade parts and firm grip foam, these cycles are made to endure heavy industrial use in group spinning classes, yet are small and compact enough to be used at home. A Powerride machine takes an average of only 15 minutes to set up and features a low maintenance design to keep repair costs at a minimum.

EB Fitness machines are designed to follow the specifications laid out by the IFTA (Interactive Fitness Trainers of America) regarding the correct biomechanical position of the body during strenuous activity. The Powerride machine, like all of EB products, are made to either meet or surpass any expectations common to professional gyms or training clubs. With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing bicycles and fitness equipment, EB Fitness provides superior, stable exercise bikes to consumers and businesses alike.

The Powerride machine is equipped with an aerodynamic 18-kilogram wheel and a non-slip V-belt system to provides a smooth and kinetic workout. The handlebar stem and seat contain a micro-adjustment design so the rider can set himself into a biomechanically correct position. Once the handlebar and seat are locket into place, a no-shake mechanism keeps them secure and shake-free. The seat and handlebars are covered with non-slip Velo foam that resists sweat, while the stainless steel frame is covered with a powder finish to resist corrosion due to sweat and water.

The Braking and Resistance System of Powerride

Powerride machines are built with an emergency "Punch" safety brake (located on the resistance knob), which can be employed at any moment during operation. The wheel is equipped with a leather brake pad that tends to last a lot longer than braking and resistance materials, yet is easily replaced via two removable nut and bolt sets. The belt driver is also shielded by a cover to ensure quiet operation and as childproof safety measure.

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