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Pro Style Dumbbells

Written by Jill Morrison
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Pro Style dumbbells are a high-quality brand of dumbbells for performing strength training exercises. They are the most popular type of dumbbells for gyms and health clubs, but can also be used in homes for ultimate convenience. You can buy these dumbbells in individual pairs, or in sets with a Pro Style dumbbell rack for storing them.

Characteristics of Pro Style Dumbbells

Pro Style dumbbells are available in a few different styles and materials. You can purchase dumbbells with plates made from cast iron in gray, hammertone, or black. You can also purchase dumbbells with plates that are rubber encased to minimize damage to floors and equipment and to eliminate loud noises from dropping the dumbbells on floor.

Pro Style dumbbells have handles that are available in chrome or black so you can match them to your storage rack or room decor. Handles can be contoured or straight and can be purchased in a standard or 30mm design. End caps on the dumbbells are available in rubber, grey, or chrome and may come with # stickers as well.

Pro Style products are very durable and attractive in design. They are completely rust resistant and maintenance free so you can use them for many years without any worry. You can purchase these dumbbells from any exercise equipment store and you will likely find the best prices online.

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