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Written by Jill Morrison
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Probells are a brand of adjustable dumbbells for strength training. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to save space and time by adjusting weights by simply turning a dial. Weights can be adjusted quickly in five pound increments. Adjustable dumbbells are helpful in saving space and time for working out. They allow you to use one pair of dumbbells rather than an entire set, and you will not have to keep picking up different dumbbells to change the weight increments in your workout.

Qualities of Probells

Probells are very popular in the world of strength training. They have a classic design that can be used in homes, offices, or fitness clubs. The dumbbells have zinc dye cast plates that are e-coated and look very professional.

Probell dumbbells have a system that sits on a high-impact, nylon storage tray. The bar and weight plates should be positioned properly in the tray so you can add or release weight easily. When adjusting the weights, you will turn the dial clockwise for a weight increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the weight.

Probells can be purchased from any fitness equipment store or catalog. You will tend to find the best prices for these dumbbells online. Websites will offer great descriptions and will also show you pictures so you will know what you are purchasing. After purchasing, the Probell dumbbells can be shipped directly to your home for your convenience.

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