Rating Fitness Bikes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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When rating fitness bikes, people should take into consideration several factors, such as seating, control panel options, and resistance systems. Rating bikes, however, is not an exact science. People have different preferences, and a bike that one person considers superior may be completely unusable to another individual.

For example, some people prefer elevated seating, while others like the comfort of recumbent bikes. Chiropractors recommend recumbent seating for people who have bad backs. In addition to seating, people take control panels into consideration when rating fitness bikes. Control panel options determine the price of most bikes. Having a wide array of control panel options is important to some people. On the other hand, others are perfectly content with basic features and the lower price tag that accompanies them.

Resistance systems also vary from bike to bike. High-tech bikes feature immediate response resistance adjustment. This means that users can simply touch control panel buttons and feel immediate changes in resistance. During workouts, people often want to increase resistance to make their exercises more challenging or decrease resistance to make pedaling a bit easier in order to persevere through grueling workouts.

Rating Fitness Bikes and Warranties

When rating fitness bikes, people should not overlook manufacturer warranties. The top companies guarantee that their merchandise will last. If not, they replace certain parts for free. Motors, for example, should be under warranty for three years. Consumers should question the integrity of companies that offer no guarantees.

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