Recumbent Exercise Bicycles

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Exercise cycles are some of the most popular pieces of equipment found in home gyms. Most people find that, since they use a motion that feels natural and familiar to them, bikes are easy to master. Also, the development of recumbent bikes has made this kind of fitness equipment even more accessible and usable for all age groups. Recumbents allow an even greater degree of comfort for the user.

Relax and Get Fit

Recumbent and semi-recumbent exercise bikes take the rider out of the traditional upright position that mimics actual bike riding. On these bikes, the rider sits in a reclined position with the feet at chest level. The feet actually push against the resistance of the pedals rather than down onto the pedals. The higher foot position tends to keep the blood pressure lower while exercising.

A lower seat also makes it easier for the user to get on and off of the bike. This is a concern for many older people or those who have difficulty with their joints. Less stress on the joints and muscles is also an advantage with recumbent bikes. Since the feet are not being impacted against a hard surface, they are not experiencing any strain that could lead to problems later on. These types of bikes are considered a comfortable and user-friendly way to get a cardio workout.

Control consoles show the speed, distance and calories burned during the workout. This helps the user to keep track of progress and tell when to either stop or pick up the pace. Resistance and seat position is usually adjustable. When testing out a recumbent bike, it is advisable to look for certain criteria such as smoothness of motion, noise, comfort and a feeling of stability. A well-made bike will feel sturdy and solid. Some will come with features such as advanced control panels and interactive technology.

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