Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many advantages to exercising on recumbent exercise bikes, especially for those suffering joint pains and injuries. These machines are known to keep the rider's blood pressure at a reduced rate (as compared to upright cycles) and provide a low-impact way to exercise. They offer a great cardio lower-body workout without the stresses and strains to the back, arms and shoulder muscles common with upright exercise machines.

A recumbent exercise bike has a seat that reclines backwards at a comfortable angle, allowing the upper and lower back to relax throughout the cycling process. The seat is typically shaped like a car seat, with bucket padding for the buttocks and upper thighs and a cushioned or curved back support. A rider can choose to hold onto front or side handles, or hold reading material up to his face during the workout. Most professional and high-quality recumbent bikes on the market today are equipped with the same ergometric features that upright exercise bikes have.

However, there are also a few disadvantages to using recumbent exercise bikes. One of these is the fact that the rider cannot lift himself up from the seat and perform common spinning moves like "stands" and "jumps." Doing so is virtually impossible and can place a lot of undue strain and pressure on the lower back and shoulders. In addition to this, recumbent bikes do not provide the intense workout and resistance levels usually associated with upright exercise bikes.

Adjustable Recumbent Exercise Bikes
It is essential that the exercise bike you choose, be it recumbent or semi-recumbent, is that it is fully adjustable to your personal height and limb measurements. Most professional recumbent workout bikes allow the seat to be set to both vertical and horizontal preferences in addition to the handlebar's height and angle. If you have professional cycling shoes with pedal clips attached to them, request that the manufacturer include alternative pedals in the purchased package as well.

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