Reflex Step

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Reflex Step technology is found on many kinds of fitness equipment that utilize pedals, such as exercise bikes and ellipticals. It is a feature that was developed to protect the body from the potentially harmful impact of exercise. An improved pedal design is the key to this technology. With Reflex Step, the user experiences a greater degree of comfort and leverage than with a conventional pedal.

How Reflex Step Works

The idea behind the Reflex Step is that the pedal will flex to absorb impact when pressure is applied. When pressure is lessened on the rise, it will spring back to its original shape to propel the leg into the next stride. In doing this, Reflex Step gives the exerciser two distinct advantages in the workout. First, it eases stress on the legs, and second, it helps give the body more momentum during the motion.

Reflex Step transfers energy from the foot to the pedal, then releases it back on the upstroke, giving the user more power to make the next downstroke. This is the science behind the technology. It makes the workout more efficient, as it gives more power and force to each motion. Thus, the same movement can work the muscles harder and burn more calories in less time over the course of the session.

When choosing fitness equipment, it is important to consider whether Reflex Step would be a beneficial feature to have. Anyone planning on spending a lot of time on a bike or elliptical may consider it a good investment, as it relieves stress over time and increases the power of each stroke. Reflex Step is available on many models of fitness equipment.

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