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Rowing Machines

Written by Jill Morrison
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Rowing machines are known as one of the best fitness activities for overall body improvement. The machines work all the major muscle groups, especially the legs, back, buttocks, and abdominals. Rowing is great for strength training, calorie burning, and also conditioning.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are a few different models of rowing machines that you can choose from. The Precision Rower features a deluxe ball-bearing roller system, a precision extruded aluminum beam, comfortable seats that are thickly padded, and pivoting foot plates. The Elevated Rower has the same features as the Precision Rower, except it also has a multi-function monitor, variable resistance shocks and an elevated seat for ease of use.

The ATS Air Rower has a multi-function monitor, and over-sized chrome seat rail, comfortable seats and a sturdy steel construction. This rower folds for easy storage and has wheels that make it more portable. The ATS Air Rower also has and efficient wind resistance system to make your workout more enjoyable.

Tunturi makes a few different types of rowing machines. The R780 ECB Pro Rower is intended for demanding use in a gym and for serious training. The Tunturi R710 Air Rower has a stable carbon steel frame, pivoting foot pedals, foam handgrips, and the Tunturi World Fan resistance feature for smooth motions in exercise. This rower is designed primarily for home use because it is lightweight and can be folded for storage.

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