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Rubber Encased Dumbbells

Written by Jill Morrison
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Rubber encased dumbbells are very popular in fitness centers, health clubs, and also in residences. The dumbbells may be made from high quality cast iron materials, but they are coated with rubber for added protection and comfort during use. Rubber encasing is available in different colors and may surround various styles of dumbbells.

Qualities of Rubber Encased Dumbbells

Rubber encased dumbbells are comfortable to use and are much more safe to use as well. If they are accidentally dropped, you will not have to worry about damage to your floors or equipment as you would with standard iron dumbbells. They will also not scratch your dumbbell rack or storage areas as iron dumbbells might.

Rubber encased dumbbells will also minimize noise in your fitness area. The clanking of iron weights on equipment and on the floor can be distracting. Rubber dumbbells allow you to use dumbbells in any way and even drop them on the floor without making much noise. This is helpful in a gym or home setting.

The rubber on these dumbbells is very high quality and durable, so you can use them for many years without the need for maintenance. The rubber is odorless and will not fade or crack over time. Rubber dumbbells can be purchased in exercise stores and some of the best deals can be found online.

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