Running Clothes

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The right running clothes can mean the difference between a comfortable, effective workout and one that is merely a hot, sweaty ordeal. Most runners will agree that clothes designed for the intensity of this type of workout make it easier to stay motivated. How? A cool, dry and comfortable runner is more likely to continue with the exercise than to give up because it is not enjoyable.

Better Fabric, Better Fit

Fitness apparel technology has evolved to the point where runners now enjoy a huge selection of clothes made specifically with them in mind. Lighter materials wick moisture away from the body and provide ventilation, an important consideration when the body's temperature rises during exertion. Mesh fabrics encourage air circulation, allowing cool air to keep body temperature regulated.

This improves performance while running, as a body that is too hot will eventually lose stamina and start to fatigue faster. High temperatures can also be dangerous if maintained for too long. Another benefit of today's running clothes is the improvement in fit that lets the wearer move more freely. Stretchy fabrics can fit tightly without binding and restricting movement. Loose-fitting clothes are lighter and less likely to get in the way.

Man-made fabrics are often used in place of cotton when a more lightweight effect is desired. However, cotton is still an excellent material for exercise clothing, as it is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture and draws it away from the body. Tanks, T-shirts and sports bras are popular styles made with natural and man-made fabrics, or with a combination of both. The right choice depends on the style preferences of the runner and the level of comfort provided by the outfit.

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