Running Heart Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Running heart monitors provide continuous feedback on a host of important factors when engaging in strenuous activity. Every major brand has multi-function heart rate monitors that also give instantaneous updates, such as time spent in your heart zone. Oregon Scientific products include the HR-102, a model that measures heart rate from 30-240 beats-per-minute.

The HR-308 Smart Trainer measures heart rate from 30-240 beats, and also automatically sets upper and lower heart rate limits. Other data include maximum and average heart rate. The Acumen TZ MAX 100 is an amazing device that has a PC interface so you can download exercise information as simple graphs to store and retrieve.

Polar and Timex Running Heart Monitors

Polar produces its own running computer in the S625X, which gives accurate heart rate, running pace and distance information on the wrist receiver. This instrument also provides continuous feedback regardless of the position of satellites. The S610i uses infrared technology to download information to your computer without a separate interface.

Timex running heart monitors include the Bodylink 59551 that uses the latest technology to unify the output of up to four devices worn on your body to transmit performance information. Real-time workout feedback is integrated by the Ironman Triathlon Bodylink performance monitor. When looking at running heart monitors, be sure to determine that they provide continuous, rather than instantaneous, information as you exercise.

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