Ski Machines

Written by Beth Hrusch
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When looking for a basic piece of equipment to add to your home gym, it would be worthwhile to consider a ski machine. For a total body workout, few fitness aids can match the skier, which simulates a cross country skiing motion. Health benefits of exercise with a ski machine include improved cardiovascular conditioning, toned muscles and weight loss caused by the calories burned in an aerobic-level workout.

Skiing in Controlled Conditions

When weather is taken out of the picture, cross country exercise can be achieved with minimal discomfort. Using a ski machine, one can exercise in the comfort of home at one's own pace, utilizing the same rhythmic motions of skiing and even replicating the differences in intensity found in outdoor exercise. Both the upper and lower body are worked simultaneously in one efficient workout.

This makes the ski machine one of the few pieces of equipment that you are ever likely to need for a home gym. Some models have cables that offer resistance to the arms when they move in a back and forth motion. The leg muscles develop strength and endurance through long, smooth strides on the skis. The level of resistance for both the cables and skis is adjustable to match the abilities of the user.

The ski machine is a staple of the home gym for many reasons. It is compact and easy to use, and it provides a simple exercise that anyone can do. Over time, the user will develop greater stamina and energy, as well as improved heart function. An overall improvement in muscle tone can also be achieved with consistent use of this equipment.

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