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Smith Gym

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Smith gym is a type of home gym system for strength training. The machine combines the power of free weights with the safety and control of a machine. You will no longer need a spotter for free weight exercises if you purchase a Smith machine.

A Smith gym will allow you to save time and money that you would normally spend on a gym membership. Though these machines can be used in health clubs, they are most popular for households. They allow you to complete numerous types of exercises with just one machine.

Smith Gym Features

The Smith gym is a multi-purpose machine with many exceptional features. When you purchase the machine, you will enjoy features such as a self-spotting Smith rack, adjustable dual safety spotters and eight triangular support plates for added stability. Other features such as self-oiling brushings and solid chrome slides provide stability, for smooth motions.

Smith home gyms come equipped with certain features to allow you to perform many different types of exercises. For instance, they include a lat attachment with long and short bars, Olympic adaptors, a flat incline/decline bench, leg curl/extension, a pec dec, preacher curl attachment, and dip attachment. The home gym machine can be purchased from catalogs, exercise equipment stores and online where you will typically find the best prices.

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