Speed And Distance Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Speed and distance monitors register these two important factors for a runner who is interested in tracking improvement and progress. Timex products have several models that provide this information, as well as performing many other essential functions. The Bodylink 59551 and 59561 use the latest technology to integrate information from up to four devices worn on the body.

A Timex Speed + Distance Sensor acts in consort with the other devices to transmit details on the three-line display. Chronograph data, memory features, and alarms aid the runner to tracking time, pace, and benchmarks. Another model to consider is the Timex 54012, which is part of the Ironman Triathlon series for advanced runners interested in athletic level conditioning.

Speed and Distance Monitors from Other Companies

Quite often, heart rate monitors and pedometers will incorporate speed and distance monitors into their operation, since they are all closely associated. Polar's S625X Running Computer is a marvel of technology that provides all sorts of information, including speed and distance. The S610i lets you download your running information directly to your computer.

Some Sportline pedometers have speed and distance monitors. The 347 has both, as well as running calculations, a clock, and a step counter. Models 360 and 362 have many valuable features in addition to the ones just listed. They both have memory functions, and compute calories burned.

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