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Spirit Treadmill

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Spirit Treadmill can be used for exercising in your home or at a fitness club. Spirit is a company that was established in the 1980s in Arkansas. It is a family owned and operated business and the company is known for its great innovations in treadmill technology through the years. Available Spirit models include the SL-188, 198, 218, 228, SR-240, 247, 475, 480, and STS-277.

Spirit Treadmill Features and Options

Each Spirit Treadmill features the Trax Flex system which is a low impact design of treadmill. This system protects joints and knees especially form impact stress. The Trax Flex system was developed in 1992 and allows for a 365% difference in impact than running on asphalt.

The standard floating deck is another feature in Spirit Treadmills and many other contemporary treadmill models. The floating deck is secured at each corner so you will not have to deal with the spring board effect that is possible on other decks. The floating deck is solid, yet flexible, so it will flex to absorb high impact weight levels.

Spirit uses a high alloy steel frame for all treadmills which is stable and safe for running at various speeds and incline levels. Along with this heavy duty frame is the Whisper Quiet system. This system allows the operating system to function smoothly with minimal noise so you can watch TV or listen to music without worrying about noise interference from your treadmill.

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