Sportline Pedometers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Sportline pedometers come in such a variety of models, it's tough to pick just one. For those who need entertainment as they walk or jog, you can get pedometers by this company that have excellent FM radios. If you can't see spending any more than necessary on these exercise accessories, there is a mechanical device that has basic functions--nothing fancy.

A good all-round pedometer is the Fitness 360, which has a double-line display that reveals accurate distance, number of steps, calories, speed, and how much time has elapsed since you started walking or running. It has a seven-day memory that tracks all your activities, and a scan feature that displays all your information without pushing a button. All of this and more comes in a new European design with a flipcase.

Sportline Pedometers Have Many Models

If you like machinery that talks to you, you can get this feature in the Talking 343. This device not only tracks your steps and the distance walked, but it tells you about it in an amiable voice. No need to stop and read the display; these Sportline pedometers keep you current on your progress.

Do you play golf, and wonder just how much exercise you're getting on the fairways? The Golf 362 registers your putts, strokes, and total scores for all 18 holes. It records other important information about your game, such as how many strokes you are over or under par. Being one of the Sportline pedometers, it also lets you know how far you've walked during the round.

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