Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Oregon Scientific blood pressure monitors measure heart rate through chest straps that transmit your heart beat to the receiver, which is the wrist watch. Their monitors also come in strapless versions since many walkers and runners do not like to wear chest straps. Strapless models, however, have limitations that must be understood before using.

The most important consideration before deciding which kind of Oregon Scientific blood pressure monitors you want is that the strapless devices do not provide continuous information. You must be standing still in order to receive a reading of your heart rate. These watches also only provide an immediate pulse measurement; they do not calculate any other rates or comparisons.

Exercise Information from Oregon Scientific Blood Pressure Monitors

Fitness watches that use a chest strap have several advantages. For beginners, simpler watches without multi-step information are helpful. These monitors are lightweight, continuously register heart rate on an easy-to-read display, and measure heart rate from 40-240 beats per minute. They have a clock with alarms, a stopwatch, backlight, and are water resistant up to 100 feet.

For the intermediate exerciser, the HR-308 measures heart rate continuously, but it also automatically sets lower and upper heart rate limits. This is one of the more sophisticated Oregon Scientific blood pressure monitors, with its measurement of calories burned, fat burning percentage, and maximum and average heart rate. More advanced devices have even more sophisticated functions and calculations.

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