Timex Speed And Distance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Exercise radios and tape players are most often separate units that are entirely independent of fitness accessories such as heart rate monitors. Many joggers and walkers use these personal accessories, however, because they find that music helps to pass the time and to maintain a steady rhythm or pace to their outing. Indeed, there are tapes that encourage a steady briskness by sustaining the same tempo through several songs.

It is more difficult to find exercise radios that are incorporated into other exercise accessories, partly because the intent is always to keep such accessories small and light. Modern accessories are often complex enough, and the focus is also on the many features and functions that relate directly to monitoring workouts. There is a standout, however, that manages to combine the best of a fitness instrument with a strong radio signal that permits good listening throughout your workout.

Sportline Exercise Radios

Sportline pedometers are among the most multi-functional instruments in the fitness industry. One of its best--the 352--also has an FM radio with built-in signal search that lets you listen to your favorite stations with high fidelity sound while you walk or jog. The unit has a powerful circuit that homes in on radio signals to give you great clarity of tone.

These top-quality exercise radios come with comfortable earbud headphones for convenient listening, so there is no interference with your exercise routine. The pedometer itself records distance from 1/10 of a mile to 1,000 miles in a flipcase that makes it easy to read while exercising. The whole unit weighs less than six ounces, so it is hardly noticeable on your outing.

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