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Written by Jill Morrison
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Tunturi is a company that makes high quality exercise bikes. These bikes are stationary so you can workout in one space. They are often used in fitness clubs or health spas, but can also be used as exercise machines in your home.

Tunturi Exercise Bike Options

There are a few different models of Tunturi exercise bikes. The F330 is a magnetic bike that also comes with many accessories for muscle training and stretching. For instance, this program includes a fitness mat, dumbbells, a water bottle, and exercise band in addition to the strong step through frame, handgrip pulse measurement and easy interface system of the F330 bicycle.

The E4 Upright bike has a resistance system that is electronically controlled and is also quiet. This Tunturi bike has a step through frame, seat and hadlebars that are adjustable, a handgrip that measures pulse, and exercise profiles that are graphically displayed. It is a great bike for moderate use in a residence.

The E6 Ergo Cycle should be used in a high intensity setting, whether it is in a commercial gym or used frequently in a residence. The bike features a three color dot matrix system that gives motivational feedback, an integrated reading rack, an electromagnetic braking system, contemporary design, and gel seats which are comfortable and adjustable. The programs on this machine control effort, resistance and effectively measure heart rate as well.

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