Tunturi Exercise Bikes

Written by Sierra Rein
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Tunturi exercise bikes are made to inspire and improve the quality of anyone's workout plan, be it for general health and fitness, rehabilitation, training or weight loss. Over eighty years of experience in designing and building fitness equipment go into each bike and almost 50 different countries import them into their homes and gyms. And, because all of the fitness products are created in its manufacturing plant in Turku, Finland, the company continues to follow its mission of minimal environmental impact and respecting the environment at the same time.

There are several different types of Tunturi exercise bikes to choose from. The company specializes in making upright exercise bikes ranging from home workout cycle machines to high-end exercise bikes for professional gym use. For example, the Tunturi F330 concept exercise bike is designed with user comfort in mind and arrives to its owner complete with easy step access to the seat and a number of adjustment options. The console can display the time, distance, calorie burn rate, and speed, and can read the rider's personal heart rate pulse through handlebar grip sensors. This is a great bike for anyone, even children and the elderly, who wish to increase their fitness level and gain strength in the process.

Tunturi also makes recumbent cycles (or bicycles that reverse the seating posture of the rider so his back leans back and his legs pump in front of him) for both light home and commercial use. These exercise bikes are great for individuals with lower back pain, limited mobility, and those going through periods of rehabilitation and healing. They come with adjustable seats and feature quiet electromagnetic brakes with a large range of resistance levels. A few models, such as the E6R and E4R, are also equipped with ergometer features and eight scalable workout profiles for active fitness enthusiasts.

Fully Ergometric Tunturi Exercise Bikes

If your exercise plan is goal-oriented--such as burning calories, increasing cardio fitness rates, or repeating a consistent workout--then an ergometer by Tunturi may fit your bill. These bikes display an incredible range of performance data, including time, distance, speed, effort level, heart rate, energy consumption and resistance level. The T8, T6, and T4 models are great for home and light commercial applications, while the E85 and E433 lines are better suited for improving one's fitness level and gaining strength during rehabilitation. For serious athletes, the E3, E4, E6, and E85S ergometers provide a lot of challenging workout programs, fitness settings and resistance levels.

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