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Vertical Leg Press

Written by Jill Morrison
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A vertical leg press is a machine that can be used for lower body strengthening in fitness clubs or in homes. The other type of leg press machine available is an angled leg press. Vertical machines are known to be more intense than angled, for working your calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

With a vertical leg press, you must lie on your back and push a foot plate upward with your feet. By adding weight or resistance to the foot plate, you can actively work your leg muscles. There are many different models of leg press machines to choose from, but two of the best models are made by Giant and Body Solid. You can purchase a leg press machine easily online and it can be sent directly to your home or business.

Models of Vertical Leg Press Machines

The Giant Vertical Leg Press has an angled back support and a head cradle for comfort during your workout. The foot plate is made with non-slip material for added safety. It has a narrow design, so it will fit in any home or gyms with space limitations. This machine also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Body Solid Powerline leg press is designed for accelerated strength training. Intense exercises can be completed without stress to your lower back. You will receive full lumbar and neck support with its comfortable pads. This machine has a one year warranty for in-home use.

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